Temmie village is a little hidden village in water fall, it is accessed via the mushroom light-up puzzle room or as the River Person likes to call it "the rom before the darkening lantern room".


The painting in the top left of the provided picture depicts the Rich History Of Tem.


(Left To Right)

First Tem: "hOI im temmie, and dis my fwiend, temmie!

Second Tem: "hOI im temmie, and dis my fwiend, temmie!

Third Tem: hOI im temmie, an don forget my fwiend!

Fourth Tem: Hi I'm Bob

Fifth Tem: awawawawawwawawa! Humans! Such a! CUTE!

Sixth Tem: tem wotch eg, eg wil hatch, tem... proud parent! (The egg is hard boiled)

Ragel: See Ragel

Wall Tem: (Feeling of being watched)

Seventh Tem: Tem heard humans allergic to tem, dat ok tem understan, tem also alergic to tem!

(This tem will then break out in red hives and will say nothing but "HOIVES" from this point forth.)